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Hi Bridewell

I found these examples on Old Bailey Online.

From 1869:

CHRISTOPHER GOULD . (Police Sergeant C 14). I went to 43, Old Pye Street with Upson—I found Wythe in bed with a woman—I told him I should take him in custody for being concerned with Metcalfe in a burglary at, 19, Lisle Street—he said "Very well, it's rather warm"—I searched him, and found these two skeleton keys (produced), I tried one of those to the door of 19, Lisle Street, and it fitted—I found three other skeleton keys and a common door-key on the mantelshelf—on the way to the station he said, "You have buckled me to rights this time, but don't heap too much on me"—at the station Metcalfe said, "Will you tell me who gave you the information where to find us? Had we known that you were coming you

This from 1870:

WILLIAM HAYDON (Police Sergeant G). I went to 3, Leopards Court, where Ferguson lives, and assisted in searching the room—I found this pistol in the coal cupboard, on a shelf, loaded with ball cartridge and capped—I also found all these skeleton keys (produced), this jemmy and centrepiece, and these four bits and a file—they were altogether in a bag, between the boarding and the wall of the room—I found this small key in the bag—I took it to the prosecutor's house, and tried it to the door, and it fitted—I also found a mask in the bag with the pistol—I took Ferguson into custody, and charged him—he said "You have buckled me this time. I know I shall get a long term, give it me fair"—I took this jemmy down to the house in Great Queen Street, and compared it with the marks on the window, and they corresponded exactly in width.

This from 1877:

I first saw Froggatt on 4th December, at the corner of Southampton Row, with Meiklejohn, who said "Of course you know Benson is buckled"—I said "Yes, I heard it to-day"—buckled means arrested—

From 1893:

EDWARD KITCHEN (Detective S). On 8th June I was at Hendon Station when the prisoners were brought in—Shelton said, "It is a rare job to come down here and get buckled. "
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