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Originally Posted by Henry Flower View Post
I've always been of the impression that those are in entirely the wrong position to be defensive wounds. Surely a defensive wound is typically found on a part of the arm or hand that is exposed when the arm is raised into a defensive posture? I've more often seen them on the palms of the hands or the rear of the forearm. These look to me like post-mortem slashes.
I agree, both mutilations on the left arm are in the wrong place to be defensive wounds.

The trouble with thinking about defensive wounds is we only have the "oh, murder". Anyone fighting for their life is going to scream the place down. Especially Mary, who was known to be feisty.

Maybe the point for him isn't the flesh; the point is the knife, the cut. She is incidental. Just a thought.
Yes, it's hard to try rationalize an irrational act.
It's just that if he decides to strip flesh & muscle from the torso and then the upper thighs, why did he stop?
He went further than just removing organs, he continued down both legs, partially, but then stopped.
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