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Originally Posted by Phil Carter View Post
Personally, I tend to look at modern progress in this way.
I ask myself "Would the locals from 1888 like an open, bright Mitre Square of today or have it as it was..namely poorly lit, dirty and enclosed one of 1888?"

You bet they would have preferred today's version.

So for me..the change betters the place. Lets face it, nobody would want it as it was..covered in horse muck, dimly lit and clearly dangerous to walk there. The historical, romantic view isn't realistic in 2017. It isn't exactly St.Paul's Cathedral.
i.e. not worth keeping as was. Dorset Street as was? Berner Street as was? thanks.

Someone was once murdered in Mitre Square.
Nothing to celebrate imho.

One can still show respect there.


Yeh, I'll have that Phil. Good point well made!!!

Just out of interest, would one of those blue plaques be in poor taste?
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