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1. The Tattoo Artist

In 1997 on Long Island a young woman was found dismembered in a suitcase. The police had no leads but when they published a photo of the "Peaches" a Connecticut tattoo artist came forward with information. He said he gave the girl a tattoo, she was a young girl with her aunt visiting from long island who said she was having boyfriend trouble. Now this sure sounds like a bullshit story to me! Many of the victims have tattoos and when the killer called John Terry over 30 times he talked about the tattoos Terry had on his back. So here you have a tattoo artist who inserted himself into the investigation.
I posted about this a few years ago, the crazy thing is, the Tattoo artist now claims he got a call from Peaches mother who said she wanted a tattoo by the same artist for Peaches son, who was grown up now. Now the revelation and this story is even more bizarre!
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