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Originally Posted by JTRSickert View Post
I'm not sure if this has been brought up before in the forums, but has anyone ever thought about the pattern that seems to emerge with the murders? It seems like JTR prefers to kill at the beginning and end of each month starting in August through November. Now, granted. the dates don't match up exactly apart, but they are pretty darn close. For the sake of argument, we have to assume that Martha Tabram is a Ripper victim, but if we do, we see the pattern.

Murders occuring in the beginning of the month.

1. Martha Tabram-murdered 7 August 1888

2. Annie Chapman-murdered 8 September 1888

3. Mary Kelly-murdered 9 November 1888

Murders occuring at the end of the month

1. Mary Ann Nichols-murdered 31 August 1888

2. Elizabeth Stride (?)/Catherine Eddowes-30 September 1888

Now, I know what immediatedly everyone will notice. There are no murders in October; hence, no pattern. However, perhaps the killer was not in London at that time or decided to take a break because the heat was turned up by the press/police after the double homicide. And, in November, he just decided to pick up where he left off. It is interesting to note the killings that take place in the early times of the month follow a sequential order (7, 8, & 9) and the murders at the end of the month are practically exactly one month apart. Does this mean anything? If so, what? Also, does the pattern show us when his bloodlust was heightened and cooled (beginning and end of each month) Even if there is no pattern, it is still pretty interesting.
Hello all (my first post so please be gentle)

I noticed and wondered exactly the same thing about the dates (and Tabram).
Had the murders continued, should there have been further victims on 30th November, 10th December, 31st December etc?

Also the pattern in dates appear to follow a 'two week on, two week off' pattern. Kind of like some strange shift-work going on maybe?

As for the absence of atrocities during October, maybe he was on holiday (heck even serial killers must need a rest). I'm not sure what type of vacation a serial killer might decide to take though. Perhaps he wondered if a visit to Dr Kellog and partake of his wondrous flakes of corn would alleviate his strange addictions.

Maybe he didn't get delivery of corn flakes in time to save MJK, but they came thru in time to cure him by the time the next date with a loose woman came around.

Who knew a cereal could kill a serial killer?

But anyhow, I agree with the date pattern etc. killers of this ilk do attribute special significance to certain things and there is sometimes order to their madness.

I tend to agree with Tabram being an early victim, it wasn't exactly the same, but maybe he hadn't perfected his 'skills' hence E.J.H. Post could also be true. Could be that Nichols was done with his new knife which subsequently became his weapon of choice (a reason I'm not sure Stride was a Ripper kill - different knife was used)

Great forum btw.
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