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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
hi El

well obviously the killer, in the lech scenario, would have not found them where their bodies were found, unless he knew and knew where Kelly lived, he would have found them in the street and gone with them to the murder site.

I am assuming he found Nichols in Bucks Row but your point is valid to a degree.
However if in the 3 casrs I mentioned someone had been found by another close to the body it would be far harder to explain that away as being a chance discovery on the way to work than is the case for Lechmere..

No comprende-I have no idea what you are getting at with these two sentences-please explain.

Stride was found on the return route of the club steward, who found the body and was accused of being a member of a gang of Rippers late last year.

Eddowes to me is the only one who if someone was found close by may have a viable excuse of chance discovery. Ties in with my first point.

well in this one case of Stride, OK AK also fits the bill, but not with all of them like Lech, no?

Chapman only fits time wise if we accept the murder took place even earlier than Phillips suggests and we ignore all the witnesses.
I don't think lech ties into Stride or Eddowes. The timing seems wrong to me. Heading towards Liverpool street after Stride seems illogical. Far better to have headed East and North surely given the time.

However it's of course open to debate.

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