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This was recorded the same evening that Hutchinson came forward. No mention of the PC one way or the other, which is not to say it hadn't been discussed
But you don’t find it at all unusual, RJ, that no mention of this PC appeared in either the body of the statement (as it did with the press interview) or Abberline’s accompanying report, which might have sought to address the question of Hutchinson’s late arrival, if only for the satisfaction of Scotland Yard?

“The files are mute” you say, and yet according to you there must be a file out there somewhere asserting that “PC Moron of Negligent Terrace, on duty in Petticoat Lane, 11th inst., is hereby dismissed for serious professional misconduct”.

It was probably in that special filing cabinet that got bombed in the Blitz; the one that also contained numerous update reports on the ongoing hunt for Astrakhan man.

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