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Originally Posted by SuspectZero View Post
Even though he had been a non-paying member of the lodge in earlier years, Gull was initiated into the Masons in 1861.
Rather interesting coincidence here but the other "William" on the list for 1861 has the name of "William Dove". The coincidence is that five years earlier (1856) a man named William Dove had been so fascinated by the crimes then just attributed to Dr. William Palmer he decided to copy them and poisoned his wife. There was some insurance involved, but when one reads that case Dove seems to have been somewhat cracked (he wrote a letter that was found to the Devil, selling his soul if he could succeed in killing his spouse, and then getting away with it. He was executed after being found guilty of the murder of his wife. Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, in his History of English Criminal Law, wrote a small separate account of Dove's case.

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