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Originally Posted by jerryd View Post
Fair enough on the black staining but as far as TOD. I disagree.

First off, it was actually a newspaper dated the 24th of August. If you are saying that is the TOD, then how do you explain the condition of the arm found at Pimlico on September 11th? Dr. Neville felt death probably occurred about September 8th or 9thish. If what you are saying is the case, we would have to add another 2 1/2 weeks of decay to that arm, which would have made it look more decomposed than it was, would it not?

In other words, the arm was either floating in the water or stored somewhere else from August 24th until it showed up at the timer deal on September 11th. If it were floating in the water that long, I would think it would have made it much further down river.
jerry I did mean the 24th but you are totally right. September 8 til October 2 would totally be the right time, I agree

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