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Default "We must set a watchman..."

Originally Posted by Steadmund Brand View Post
I loved the 5th season.. and I will really miss the show.. it was the only show I watched on TV (other than sports and films) and I grew to love it... sure it was hokey at times...but was a fun series, plenty of twists and turns and great acting

I thought the last episode was fantastic... loved the ending!!!

Steadmund Brand
Absolutely, Steady. Very good set of episodes, and it was great to see Reid back in charge again. I noticed all of his comrades had their histories completed, though the happiest ending was perhaps Matilda. Interesting that she understood why her father would probably not come to see her and her family; yet it seemed they kept in touch, to judge by the photos on his desk.

Did you like the comment he made to Abberline that "we don't have evidence! We have half-seen shadows and speculations..." Very true, still!
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