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Originally Posted by SuspectZero View Post
wow...that's a lot of detail, which comes from where? I have a lot of respect for you, but these comments are certainly stretching the imagination a bit...
All of those tidbits come from Sarah Lewis and Elizabeth Praters statements essentially, the only dramatic inclusion is my supposition that the reason that we didn't hear anything after the cry out, and the reason no sounds of scuffling or moving about were heard by Elizabeth after that sound...sounds she stated she could hear from Marys room..were because the person at the window or door was allowed to enter the room quietly. That suggests someone close to Mary, which we know was at least 2 of them at that time.

It could also explain why she was first attacked in bed, on the right hand side of the bed, facing the partition wall. Away from the door and window, and anyone in the room. She wasn't afraid.
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