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Michael W Richards: Thats precisely my argument for excluding Stride Fisherman, glad you mentioned it, because, as you stated above, there is no record of any disturbance, the last viable sighting of her is 10-15 minutes before she is cut once, and he chose to leave her undisturbed from that point on. So I understand your concept fine.

Thatīs great, Michael. And I fully agree - if the killer of Stride was not disturbed or spooked, then he did what he wanted to do and left.

Then again, I think he WAS disturbed. Alternatively, as Tom Wescott has suggested, he was not disturbed, but had decided to kill twice, and so he did not wish to get blood on his person with the first victim.

But of course Stride must always be an open bid to both those who say it was the Ripper and those who say it was not.

I would add only that this should apply to all the unsolved murders unless evidence indicates otherwise, and in the case of Polly and Annie, he chose to pretend to be a client, subdue them quietly, slit their throats deeply and twice, and then proceed onto abdominal cutting that in Annies case, resulted in some excisions. Thats what that killer wanted. Your torso killer wanted to kill then take people apart, then try to scatter the evidence so as to confuse any investigation, and Mary Kellys killer wanted to punish her. In what way...well, thats pretty evident, by murder then horrible disfigurement. He didnt covet the abdomen. Neither did the Torso man.

Thatīs where you are demonstrably wrong. Both Kellys killer and the Torso killer opened up abdomens and took out organs from these abdomens. So all you can say is that in the Kelly case it is proven that the killer did not take any of the abdominal parts with himself as he left, and that in the torso cases, we canīt tell, since there are sometimes pieces lacking, like colon sections.

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