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Originally Posted by Michael W Richards View Post
The question is a useless one, the fact is he stopped...whether he was bored, tired, confused, ....its not relevant. The fact he didn't take what was taken twice before, is.
I would say both questions are highly relevant, Michael. And I would add that the best answer we can provide is the exact same to both questions; why he did not take the uterus with him and why he cut down to the bone at the thigh in one space only to leave the rest of the flesh on the bone:
Because this was what he WANTED to do.

He WANTED to cut to the bone in one space only on that thigh and he WANTED to leave the uterus with the body (albeit on itīs outside).

We should not loose track of this possibility. We know that the killer seemingly had a good lot of time on his hands, we have no record of anybody disturbing him in his work, and so it must always be a very viable guess that he did all he wanted to and could do, and chose to leave the body afterwards. Job done, everything finished, nothing left to take care of.
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