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Originally Posted by c.d. View Post
"The question is a useless one, the fact is he stopped...whether he was bored, tired, confused, ....its not relevant. The fact he didn't take what was taken twice before, is."

Hello Michael,

I really don't see how that is significant or how we can reasonably speculate why. It seems reasonable to me that collectors want what they don't have more than obtaining more of what they do have.

Had Polly not had her abdomen opened, or had Annie not had her abdomen opened and the uterus taken, or had Kate not had her abdomen opened and a partial uterus taken, I might agree cd. It seems to me however that the victims I mentioned had killers who were obsessed with abdominal cutting, and this resulted in the same organ being taken from 2 of the three. The chest area of the victim was never attacked until Mary Kelly.
Michael Richards
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