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Originally Posted by yen_powell View Post
There was a Tabard Court which was just south of Bow in Lodore Street E14 (Poplar). Its location is now taken by the St Frideswides Mission, which was the real location for the TV series Call The Midwife, although the nuns left it to go to the midlands in the 60s.

Wickham Close is a new road (1999)named after the tower block that used to be there called Wickham House which was named after a place in Sussex, Wickham Green.

Many thanks for this information Yen. I don't think it'll be the Poplar one as that would have been covered by K Division. Interestingly the Wickham Place/Tabbard Street is in fact the Borough one, so the Bow location is incorrect in that newspaper report.

Also Scholes never served in L Division (Borough) so it's anyone's guess where the journalist got Tabard Street from? I mulling over the possibility that it's perhaps a misquote of Arbour Street? If he'd been posted to that station, then that would explain why he was patrolling Mile End Road?

If Bow can be confused with Borough then why not Tabard and Arbour?
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