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Originally Posted by James_J View Post
Evening all - just passing this along from KS.


Thank you for your post Phil.

Last night I was resolute in my determination that I would wait until I was a ‘proper member’ before responding to any more posts. But you make two important statements which I would be grateful if you could just clarify for me please?

You write...

“All of which confirms what I thought 25 years ago. Invention and hoax. I will stick by the words of Stewart Evans who has explained in public recently that he was in the office of Feldman at the time and made more than one observation which convinced him then and there this Diary was a hoax..or fake.

“And the reason Stewart Evans is reluctant to say exactly what he knows is to protect his friendships and those people’s names and reputations. Which I think is mighty noble considering the implications otherwise.”

Outside of myself, I cannot think of any friends of Stewart who have been very closely involved with the investigation into the Diary from the beginning – and whose friendship and reputation he would want to protect? Forgive me if that sounds arrogant and presumptious. But truly, I simply cannot identify anybody other than myself. Paul Begg worked closely with Feldman from the latter part of 1992 and through 1993. Melvyn Fairclough was on board helping with the research from 1992 to 1997. And Martin Fido was on the perimeter but Martin, as with Stewart, had both very early written the Diary off as a hoax. I may be mistaken but I do not think that Stewart has the same bond of friendship with either Melvyn or Paul than he and I have together.

So I can only conclude it is to me you are referring?

Could you confirm please?

Thank you.

Best Wishes


(If Swansea can hammer Liverpool tonight – not much to ask for – then that will do us very nicely thank you! n.b Mr O.)
Hello Keith,

I cannot confirm any name or names, simply because Stewart gave none, and with resolute nobility refused to state any more. I cannot assume, and will not either. Which is something I respect in light of his reasoning.

Yes..Swansea did us a favour. .which means it's all eyes on the game on Wednesday.
Btw.with me .being a native of Teddington, you may recall as I do the tiny greengrocers on the corner of The Causeway ( now long gone Im sad to say). It was owned by my best freind's father. I know the area well. ☺

Chelsea FC. TRUE BLUE. 💙

Justice for the 96 = achieved
Accountability? ....
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