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Originally Posted by Keith Skinner View Post
This issue went to press on the 12th March 1992. The previous issue would have gone to press on the 5th March 1992. Therefore, the copy had to have been received by us, either via the post or by fax, some time between the 6th and 12th March, 1992. The ad only appeared in this issue – it was not in Issue No 1043, nor in Issue No 1045.
Thanks for this information Keith. I believe it confirms what I said in #10 namely:

Martin Earl needed to get his list to Bookdealer by first class post on Wednesday 11th March 1992. This in turn means that the latest he could have sent his list by first class post would have been on Tuesday 10th March 1992.

That, at least, is if the Bookseller's rule that lists needed to be received by first post on the Wednesday prior to going to press was strictly applied (and I would certainly have thought that dealers would have wanted to ensure that their lists were received by no later than the Wednesday morning).

A bit of a shame that there doesn't appear to be a record of the date that Mike Barrett first contacted Martin Earl.
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