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Originally Posted by Debra A View Post
Hi Stewart,
I think some of the confusion about the question of Prater's room may also come from the 1898 Kate Marshall case, as posted by Jake a little while ago.
David Roberts, was reported as saying that he and his wife occupied the back room on the first floor of #26 Dorset Street, which was known as No. 19 room.
Prater in her statement, does say she occupied No. 20 room.
There is the possibility of renumbering of course.
Debs, thank you for your, as usual valuable, input. But, as you state, the Marshall case was 10 years later which does leave a very real possibility of re-numbering or another press error. I am still marshalling (no pun intended) my points and there is more to follow.

Treat me gently I'm a newbie.
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