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Originally Posted by Observer View Post
I'm fully aware of your stance regarding who did, or rather who did not author the Diary, I'm not questioning that belief. With regard to your alliance with Doctor Canter in believing that the Diary is an accomplished work of literature, I can only say you are both talking out of your posterior's. By the way, wasn't Doctor Canter of the belief that the Diary, considering it's content, was the work of a genuine sociapath? In other words he wasn't actually commenting on the literal competance of the work, rather the state of mind if the author

By the way, you've answered my post, I hope you answer the other poster's who have took part in this exchange
Well, no doubt you regard your own opinion to be far superior to that of Professor Canter. Perhaps like Pierre you also have numerous degrees. And perhaps, like him, you are far too modest about your achievements to refer me to any relevant books or peer-reviewed articles that you've written on a relevant subject.

By the way, you made a grammatical error by using an apostrophe after the word "posterior" An apostrophe should not be used to indicate a plural, only possession or a missing word.

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