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Great review of Richard's book on Amazon:

One more tome to add to the already crammed shelf of Ripper books where the author basically picks a suspect then works tirelessly to bend all the facts to fit the theory.
There are hundreds of better Ripper books, this one will just confuse newcomers to the subject and annoy the old hands who will spot all the mistakes and false assumptions being made.
Also, it's written in an artificially flowery way that becomes annoying very quickly. If you want a well-written and concise presentation this is not for you!
On another note, I personally am thoroughly jaded by seeing people's names dragged through the mud just to create another pointless Ripper book. This author desecrates the memory of poet Francis Thomson in the same way that Walter Sickert and Lewis Carroll have had their names and reputations impugned on next to no evidence at all.
In this particular case the evidence amounts to Thomson being in the district at the time (along with thousands of others) and a strange, biased reading of his poetry. It should really be a criminal offense to make such allegations without any worthwhile reason.
Couldn't agree more!
Hail to the king, baby!
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