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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post
Fair enough, but that only raises the question of defining what they meant by "Preliminary Examination".
Are you aware that this was an agency story, and the same story appeared in the Daily News of the same date, yet the Daily News, in a later paragraph report:
"The Central News states, ........... A post mortem examination was held by the medical authorities summoned by the police, and the surgeons did not quit their work until every organ had been accounted for, and placed as closely as possible in its natural position."

So the Morning Advertiser did not publish the whole story.
It's not a case of the Morning Advertiser not publishing the whole story. It's a case of the Daily News using a press agency report that the Morning Advertiser did not.

We just go back to the use of language here Jon. As we both know, every examination after death is carried out "post mortem" so the Central News could easily have been referring to the examination which is also referred to in the first three pages of Dr Bond's notes.

And did I not say earlier that what I think the doctors were mainly doing in the room during Friday afternoon was precisely what the Central News report says they were doing, namely accounting for every organ? And this corresponds to what is on page 2 of Dr Bond's notes, namely the paragraph beginning "The viscera were found..."

So all you've really done is supported my version of events.
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