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Originally Posted by Wickerman View Post

So again, he had to be living somewhere else.
I'm sure it was still somewhere in Whitechapel, it just wasn't at the Victoria Home.
So he could have been living somewhere else while the other murders took place? I'm trying to remember why I too had thought that he had lived somewhere else?? Do you know of any other article giving a different address for Hutch outside of Whitechapel at any point in time (besides Senise's book which I'm assuming places him in Australia much later on)? I was thinking that I had read about his Romford trip and I had maybe assumed that he had been living there which was why I never bothered to look any closer at Hutch. Which in hindsight now looks like a mistake on my part, by brushing past every time his name was mentioned. Oh well, better late than never I guess
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