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Also - passing this on from K.S.

Originally Posted by David Orsam View Post
It's good to know that no "case" was made in Inside Story.

But let's examine that for a moment. This is from pages 167-8 of Inside Story commenting on Mike Barrett's account in his January affidavit of buying the scrapbook at Outhwaite and Litherland:

"According to Shirley Harrison, Kevin Whay, a director of Outhwaite and Litherland, gave it little credence. Having searched through the company's files and archives on both sides of the alleged sale date, Whay confirmed that 'no such description or lot number corresponding with Barrett's statement exists. Furthermore we do not and have never conducted our sales in the manner in which he describes.' In a telephone conversation with Harrison soon after Barrett's affidavit was made public, Whay went further. 'Anyone who tells you they have got a lot number or details for such an album from us is talking through their hat.'"

Now it might be interesting if the full account of the telephone conversation between Harrison and Whay could be posted by one of the book's authors and we can all see if it was reported in the book in a fair and unbiased fashion.
KS received this memo from Shirley on 16.1.1995. I’m reproducing in full as the memo refers to two conversations and if I omitted the first conversation questions, understandably, would be asked as to why I had done this.




(1) From Mike Barrett on Sunday January 15th 1995 at 7.00 p.m.

“Good evening, Shirley. I apologise for phoning you at a weekend. I have had Robert’s letter (telling him of his financial situation) but can’t reply because I can’t use my hand. Are you coming up on Wednesday. Good because I have a lot to say – the diary is 100% genuine you know. I can tell you all about Mrs Hammersmith too – and she proves it is 100% genuine. I have known about her since you did your Granada broadcast – they rang me. They didn’t ring you and I know all about her relatives too. I’ll tell you all about it on Wednesday.” There was a lot more – but repeats about anne [sic] and Caroline and wanting to see Anne etc etc – “no animosity” of course.

(2) With Mr. Kevin Waye [sic] – one of the seniors at Outhwaite and Sutherland [sic], auctioneers on Monday morning, January 16th.

He said that as far as he knows there have been no enquiries about the purchase of the album in which the diary is written. Between 1990-1991 they held about 300 or more auctions and items such as an old photo album would have been in a job lot marked “miscellaneous items.” There would quite likely be several “Mr Williams” or “Mr Jones” as a lot of people use a pseudonym when buying at auctions. “Anyone who tells you they have got a lot number or details of such an album from us “is talking through their hat.”

I am going to see him, with Sally [Evemy] on Thursday morning.


For information, that which appears highlighted in red, was not included in Inside Story. But neither was it deliberately excluded. I can’t now remember why it was not reproduced in its entirety – and whether its detail supports or weakens Mike Barrett’s claim! However, in April 1999, I interviewed Mike Barrett at the Cloak & Dagger Club in London in front of a crowded room. Mike had made it known he would produce the auction ticket and that, effectively, would have killed off the Diary. When I asked him to let everybody see it – he refused. I have a feeling he said that he was worried he might be arrested or that it was back in his hotel room and that he would post it to us. However, from that moment on we never heard anything more about the auction ticket.

The following extract appears on page 315 of The Diary Of Jack The Ripper – Shirley Harrison – 1998.

(3) On January 30th 1997 Doreen Montgomery received the following statement from Kevin Whay, director of Outhwaite and Litherland. ‘Having searched through our files and archives on either side of the alleged sale dates I can confirm that no such information or lot number corresponding with his [Barrett’s] statement exists. Furthermore we do not and have never conducted our sales in the manner in which he describes.

Best, K.S.
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