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Excuse my tardiness in perhaps not being up to date on this subject..but I have some questions I would really like direct and truthful answers to if anyone knows them? Thank you.

1. We have recently been told the Diary was found in a biscuit tin.
a) What was the the colour of the tin?
b) What was the size of the tin?
c) What was the shape of the tin?
d) What was the make of the tin (the company that produced the biscuits)
e) What happened to the tin?

2. We are told the Diary was wrapped in paper when handed on.
a) was the paper wrapped on the book when in the tin itself?
b) was the paper added after the tin was opened?
c) if the answer to (2b) is no.. were there any biscuit crumb residue on the book from the tin?
d) if the answer is yes to (2b) who wrapped it, when and where?
e) what type of paper? If it was newspaper, from what year?
f) why was there a need to wrap something in a sheet/piece of paper when the Diary was fully protected and already hidden from view in the biscuit tin in the first place?

3. Why has nobody..and I mean nobody, explained any of the above either at the conference last year or in the very ample time since?

4. Does it not strike anyone else that this series of "explanations" we are expected to believe makes the whole story even more unbelievable? Perhaps it is just my old mind being cynical...

Thank you in advance for any responses. Direct..truthful responses please.

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