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Originally Posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
Quite possibly she was ill at the inquest, Debra. A lot of reports mention her husky, low voice. One (The East London Observer) goes further and says that;

"Her chest was "queer", she said, so the officer interpreted. "
Yes, I agree, Joshua, that is why the woman with lifelong chest, throat and tonsil problems was first picked out from the Infirmary registers by Gareth Williams I believe. That woman corresponds to the woman I found listed as 'alcoholic' and 'prostitute' in the infirmary records and resident of George St.Spitalfields and areas of SGE, namely a lodging house run by John Satchell at 4 NE Passage. After her inquest appearance she went back in to the Infirmary in SGE and had a lifelong problem with her throat, ending in a tracheotomy.

I read it that Curious's point seemed to be that the woman I'd identified in the Infirmary 1888 was considered too ill to have been the witness at Tabram's inquest, where no one has ever raised that objection that I know of.
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