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Originally Posted by curious View Post
I was curious about her age mainly because of the coincidence of an American woman of the same name and apparently engaged in nefarious games, cons and thievery, in New York City in the 1870s. If I recall correctly from the book I found, she had disappeared from the scene (or was perhaps in prison) by the 1880s.

Both are interesting. Any new dirt on the London version, Tom?
Hi Curious, as you might be aware, Debra Arif discovered a Pearly Poll trail in the infirmary registers later in 1888 and following years. I don't have the link right to hand but she posted it on the forums and probably here on Casebook. I've no doubt the woman she found is 'our' Pearly Poll. I plan to include this information (and other stuff that's come out since the book) in the future when I do a second edition of BHM. At the moment I'm planning that to coincide with the publication of my third Ripper book (at which time I'll no doubt have additions and corrections to make to my upcoming 2nd Ripper book).

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