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Originally Posted by Bridewell View Post
I think you've got the balance spot on with that. If, as seems to have been the case, she was well known to the local Jewish community why would she need to wait around outside the Club, whatever her reason for being there?
Im not narcissistic in the slightest but I do like when someone gets it. I believe there may be answers in the stories about Unfortunates paid to spy on clubs and people during that period...she may well have been seen as being one of them. All it would have taken is one intoxicated aggressive bodyguard, hired when the speaker was to be William Morris that night and threats were being received. Keep the hired security even though the speaker changed, and the street thug mentality of this individual caused him to act, briefly, with excessive violence.

I think the club members took more time that they admit to deciding what to do about Liz, based upon their perceptions of what the club might experience as backlash over a possible ripper killing in their passageway. And I believe its possible they did so because they had hired the eventual killer.
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