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Granted. The case becomes more linear when the Double Event is removed from the file: man murders an unfortunate woman in the street; in a backyard; in an apartment, and with each subsequent murder, the violence against her body steadily increases along with his need for privacy as the civil action of the East End grows against him. So... I can keep an open mind, Michael, that the Double Event might have been a radical event in the story of Jack the Ripper (or the work of a copycat).

I am forming the belief that accommodations have to be made for Schwartz' tale in the case regardless of Mrs. Mortimer's speculations on the hour and minutes that she spent at her doorway. His evidence is superior to hers... so a place for it has to be reserved. This is based on 3 points:

1. He identified Elizabeth Stride at the mortuary as the woman who he saw being attacked.
2. He provided a description of a peaked cap.
3. He didn't fool Inspector Abberline*.

the idea may have been debunked already, but I just wonder... if Inspector Abberline warned Schwartz against using the words "Lipski" and "pipe" when dealing with the media.
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