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Originally Posted by Mayerling View Post
Hi Debra,

In the photo of Hibbert/Hebbert (?) you put out, I notice he is wearing a suit, tie, and vest, but there is some kind of wire cord around this throat which looks like part of some earphone type device (like what we'd find on an old transistor radio). It's not plugged into his ears, and the photo is from about 1918, so it has nothing to do with transistor radios. Do you have any idea what it is?

Hi Jeff
I think GUT is probably correct-it does look like a spectacle or monacle lanyard. I did wonder at first if it was a hearing aid. One of the early box types that hung around the neck.
The correct spelling of his name is Hebbert but the name is so often mis-spelled that one has to be creative when looking for records!
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