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We are pleased to announce out final speaker for the East End Conference this November.

When Chief Inspector Donald Swanson was hand-picked by Commissioner Sir Charles Warren on 15 September 1888 to lead the Scotland Yard investigation into the recent murder of Annie Chapman in Hanbury Street, neither expected the series of Whitechapel murders to continue well into that year and beyond. Swanson was tasked with reviewing all the papers relating to each successive murder by the so-called 'Jack the Ripper' - witness statements, reports from local H Division officers, letters from the public - looking for links and clues to the killer's identity. Each potential lead had to be followed up, with many dead-ends.

The scope of this investigation would not only include the so-called 'canonical five', but also possible victims Alice McKenzie and Frances Coles, as well as the death of Rose Mylett, the attack on Annie Farmer, and the disturbing discovery of a headless torso in a Pinchin Street railway arch.
In his talk "SWANSON AND THE FOUR RIPPERS", Adam Wood will look at Donald Swanson's appointment by Commissioner Warren, and examine three cases which saw the involvement of the detective as part of the Ripper scare in the years 1890-94, which included a letter received from 'Jack the Ripper', the starting point of a long-standing suspect theory, and an assailant who bore a marked resemblance to the man seen with Elisabeth Stride by greengrocer Matthew Packer.

Adam Wood is Executive Editor of Ripperologist magazine, the leading publication on the Whitechapel murders. He is also Editor of the Journal of the Police History Society.

Adam is finalising his biography of the subject of his talk, and SWANSON: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A VICTORIAN DETECTIVE will be published early in 2019. His book TRIAL OF PERCY LEFROY MAPLETON for the official Notable British Trials series will be released in October 2018. Adam is also co-author of SIR HOWARD VINCENTíS POLICE CODE 1889 with Neil RA Bell.
He lives in Warwickshire, where he runs non-fiction publishing house Mango Books.

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