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Originally Posted by AmericanSherlock View Post
Rooting for Portugal myself

Even though, I doubt the Ripper is one of the known suspects, I had said Druitt and Kosminski seemed the most plausible to me. Even if he wasn't one of these 2, I would guess he would be something "very much like" one or the other.

Do others here think the psychological profile of JTR would be more likely to suit :

1. someone like MJD, a seemingly normal, handsome barrister type with a history of familial mental illness and personal/professional problems under the surface or

2. an obviously mentally ill madman like Kosminski who couldn't even contrive a normal appearance or hold down a job and descended into maniacal bloodlust?

I think a key to this is to figure out how "lucky" the killer got?

Was his not being apprehended just a matter of chance or was there clever planning involved?

If there was it might indicate someone of intelligence. (lean towards Druitt type)

If it was just mostly luck then I'd lean towards a maniac because of the nature of the crime. (probably Kosminski type)
Neither IMHO. I think he was alot like other serial killers who preyed on prostitutes throughout history- local, knew the scene/area, same class or slightly above as victims. Amd same as many post mortem serial killers. Above average intelligence, street smart. Very crafty in eluding detection during crimes and capture afterwards.

Appearance would be average joe, had job, maybe a wife.

And he was definitely lucky, but smart people usually make alot of it.
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