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Originally Posted by David Orsam View Post
And certain people seem to have an almost religious fervour in their belief, viewing any challenge to their view as heresy, while being unable to appreciate that there might be another answer, which makes it impossible to have any kind of sensible and rational discussion, although I am very much hoping that James will be different and, so far, despite the obvious agenda in his first post, there are some promising signs.
Oh yes, David, I believe James is very different. You do realise you managed to describe precisely how your own posts must come across to anyone still keeping their options open?

I could have sworn you had openly admitted to your own complete inability to appreciate there 'might be another answer' - to all sorts of issues, from why Mike tried to obtain a diary from 1880-1890 and why he was never able to prove his forgery claims if he really was involved and serious about confessing, to the whole modern forgery theory.


"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." Peter Ustinov

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