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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
We'll have to beg to differ on our opinions of this.
I think the rather comedic feel to "Up and down the goddamn town"
sits rather nicely with the almost jovial "......But I'm your own light-hearted friend
Yours truly
Jack the Ripper"
It may be jovial, but the rhythms are far less sophisticated in the "extra verses" than in Macnaghten's original. In absolute poetic terms, the lines "But I ain't a chap yet to drown / In drink or Thames or sea" and "But you should know, as time will show / That I'm society's pillar" use tortuous English and are positively lame.

The phrase "the goddamn town", apart from being rather unidiomatic and decidedly inelegant, are frankly a waste of syllables. A much better option would have been "Up and down old London town", for example. Whoever wrote the extra verses, they evidently didn't expend too much time or effort on them.
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