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Originally Posted by Phil Carter View Post
Hello Dave,

This is indeed an interesting little thread. Thanks for starting this. Perhaps with the help of diagrams etc, I would be obliged, if anyone can tell me, how a heart is usually removed from a body? You see, there seems to me a small, tiny, insignificant little problem removing Mary Kelly's heart... It is impossible to do it (as far as I am aware) through the chest without breaking the ribs, which isn't mentioned in the Kelly inquest papers. Intercostal muscles between the ribs being ripped will not enable a person to remove the heart. Having talked to a medical aquaintance of mine, he assures me that heart removal is almost certainly done through the chest area.
However, he also said
"of course, that if one was to remove a heart from under the ribcage, then of course it is possible, by removing the liver and other material first. But then one has the problems of light and sight, and the length of the knife being used."

Now that's what I would call working blind...especially without anatomical knowledge. I welcome any diagram to explain these thoughts.

best wishes

Hello Phil. I would think it was done from underneath. Watching my brother extract a deer heart one time I noticed he located the heart and gave a tug. This he said allowed him to gage where the connections were that were holding the heart in place and he rather quickly and blindly inserted his knife, cut the offending vessels and tugged. Total elapsed time from incision to heart extraction about 4 minutes on a dead animal. My brother, like myself, is not a particularly bright bulb. Dave
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