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Originally Posted by Craig H View Post
Hi Debs

That is great research in the OP to track detail into Ada Wilson's past.

You, and others, mention a great article by Mark Ripper in a previous Ripperologist magazine (is anyone able to upload it?) that suggests Ada's attacker was her ex-husband George who attacked her in a similar way at another time.

Did Mark provide a description of George ?

Does he fit the description of Ada and the witness / Rose who said the attacker was 25-35 y.o, fair, moustache, sunburnt face ?

You would think Ada would have said it was her ex-husband ?

Hi Craig
Just to clarify: Mark Ripper's article identified Ada Wilson as a different woman to the one I have identified. That is the reason I have said this is an alternative ID. Mark's Ada was born Zoa Ada Wilson, (but used Ada) she lived in Mile End and she married a man named Samuel. You might be able to google some of the article discussion using the full name. This Ada was a younger woman than 39. Mark suggested Ada's attacker was her husband to be, Samuel Wilson, as he attacked Ada with a knife on another occasion.

The discovery of the Mile End Infirmary records that have a 39 machinist, Ada Wilson with a husband George and the follow up with Ada Tradigan and her husband George and Ada Drew and her husband George are all part of my ID. These 3 women named Ada were all described as 'machinists.'

The issue Mark's article appeared in was Ripperologist 125 which is available for free download.
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