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Thanks for the info, Jenni, but I'm having a problem & it seems like your math isn't working out. If the oldest son was George William, born 1844, and he was buried in 1854, he would have been 10, not 12 (allowing for exact DOB & DOD, of course). Was there a son born BEFORE George?

Also, please excuse my ignorance, but since Jenni uses BOTH terms, I thought I'd check and ask if "christening" and "baptizing" are the same in the Church of England rites. I realize that the actual terms are different: christening is giving the child a name and baptizing is the immersion etc., but I know next to nothing on how they are used in C of E parlance. (Heck, I'm not even certain if Church of England & Anglican are the same- they seem usually to be used as if synonymous, but other times are mentioned together like there's a difference.)

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