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Morning session (each session is two hours), watch the game intently, analyse the field-settings, the state of the pitch and the ball, appreciate the game basically.

lunch (40 minutes), grab a bite and a first pint. Talk to the guys setting next to you about the morning session. As the afternoon session begins, grab a second pint to wash down your meal.

Afternoon session, have a nap because you had so much to eat and two pints. Wake up when your team finally gets their star batsman out; 135 for three at this point.

Tea (20 minutes), get another pint and a bag of sweets. the sun is out now and you will need to find some sun-screen.

Evening session, the game is really hotting up now, the guys sitting next to you offer to get you another pint. Due to a mixup, they bring two, so that's pint number 4 and 5. By now you're sloshed, you have no idea what the score is or who is batting, but you're singing silly songs and passing on beer snakes.

Repeat for day 2 to 5.
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