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I would like to see some more examples of the terrible grammar throughout. And I mean terrible grammar as someone would SPEAK, not as someone would write. This is a person speaking and a court transcriber taking it down. Punctuation will not be perfect.

Half of my professional career was looking at a mess of writing and having to quickly identify where the missing punctuation ought to go.

I dispute that Norris' grammar was terrible. He used speaking colloquialism and there are missing commas, pauses and punctuation. But if you read through it, with an eye towards hearing how it ought to sound, it's actually NOT terrible grammar. We are missing the facial markers of grammar and the pauses.

But I spent my life putting them in where they belonged in a mess of writing, so when I read through something, I know what's actual terrible grammar (<--- like that) and what's just a missing comma.

And again, we have to view this as someone ...speaking. And spoken grammar is far different than written grammar. I think everyone will agree to that.

And he does not indicate poor grammar. Especially not such poor grammar that he would confuse "remember" and "know".

It is not poor grammar. It's poor punctuation. Which occurs in all transcripts. Grammar is not the same thing as punctuation. His grammar isn't poor. The punctuation, I grant you, is.

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