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Below is a description of the full contents of the City of London Orders of Removal file for Joseph Fleming alias James Evans.
I had misremembered there being addressed envelopes in Flemings file-that was in Jacob Levy's file.
  • First page Named as James Evans Justice of he peace and surgeon examination declaration. 'Joseph Fleming alias' added above the name James Evans. dated 4th July 1892, Justice Room Guildhall
  • Second page City of London Union Order of Reception of a Pauper Lunatic or Lunatic wandering at large-Named as James Evans only
  • Transfer expense form from Guildhall to Stone for James Evans
  • Statement of particulars giving personal details of name age last address etc.-Dated 4th July 1892 Named as James Evans only. Name of relative given as Mother- Henrietta Fleming [ address detail for her has been corrected from 261 Nile Street to 216 Bleytons buildings East Rd].
  • Cerificate of medical practitioner. Dated 2nd July 1892 Named as James Evans
  • Letter from relieving officer to Board of Guardians dated 4th July . Named as James Evans .Mother's name given as Henerieta Evans 261 Nile St.
  • City of London Union draft letter addressed to Mrs H Evans 261 Nile St St Luke, dated 7 July 1892 informing her that her 'husband' [crossed out and 'son' added over top] was being transfered to Stone.
  • Letter from C LU relief officer dated 5th July 1892. 8/- belonging to James Evans deposited with treasurer.
  • Clothing and belongings inventory receipt of James Evans articles dated 5th July 1892
  • Order of removal. several pages.Named as Joseph Fleming alias James Evans. Dated 19th October 1893
  • Settlement examination report .Named as Joseph Fleming alias James Evans.Dated 17th October 1893 His birthdate,baptism date and parents details are included in this report. Parents address given as 216 Bleytons Buildings, Nile Street, East Rd. [Given the number and that both addresses for Henrietta of 261 Nile St and later 216 Bleytons Buildings Nile Street East Rd is it possible that 261 Nile Street was an incorrect address and Henrietta may never have recieved any of communications about her son originally?]
  • Letter dated 8th November [it looks like 1891 but must be 1893 as settlement depositions were taken in Oct 1893] headed Bethnal Green Board of Guardians asking for deposiions of Fleming's case to be forwarded as the writer hasn't had time to look at it yet and includes the paragraph:

    "Will you also kindly let me know by bearer in what parish 70 [and a half] Lower Thames Stree is siuated in." signed J Shen.[There is nothing to show this inquiry related to any address associated with Fleming/Evans.]
  • Adjudication letter headed Frederick William Crane Clerk and Superintendent Registrar dated 24th November 1893.Named as Joseph Fleming alias James Evans.Maintenance transfered to Bethnal Green from 16th October 1893. Addressed to Stone asylum.
  • Letter from City of London Infirmary Bow Rd daed 27th Nov 1893.Named as Joseph Fleming alias James Evans. His clothing and belongings forwarded to Bethnal Green.
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