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Hello Phil H,

There are some other important points in all of this. Reading the short article, it seems that this has been a pretty lengthy process. If the Met Police are arguing that breach of confidentiality over informant's names are the prime reason why these ledgers and registers are not released in unredacted form,
I find it strange that entries unrelated to informants names are also redacted out. All proper names, from what I understand, were subject of redaction.

It goes without saying that only a very small percentage of the entries relate to informants. These informants names cannot be proven to be their real names either, as most if not all informants used pseudonyms.
It is all but impossible, I would surmise, for any person to be able to trace any current family name of a person based on a name that isn't a real name, down 5 or 6 generations to those living relatives on this basis. I cannot imagine that any terrorist organisation relating to these events 123 years ago would use the time and effort to do this. They have another focus of attack. I would therefore say there is no realistic danger to any living person and that is even IF the relatives could be traced based on a name that is not a real proper family name.

The events of 123 years ago in Whitechapel are well known, but the most important point is something that is easily overlooked. As the article explains, the Special Branch Registers and Ledgers contain suspect names that pertain to these events. 4 more suspects. Special Branch themselves therefore were involved in this investigation. That means there was involvement on a political or national security level of some sort. That is what Special Branch, deal with. ANY name in those registers and ledgers are directly and specifically related to Special Branch work.
Now that tells me that if the Whitechapel murders were subject to Special Branch involvement, there are things that we know nothing about. If Special Branch have listed suspects under THEIR watch, then political invovement exists. That is the nature of Special Branch activity.

I also note that the article mentions the thousands of pounds being used from public funds in defending this appeal. Well, the appellant, Trevor Marriott has been tireless in his efforts to get these ledgers opened for ALL of us, and has no doubt used his own money in trying to do this in appealing. It shows a genuine dedication to trying to unlock the secrets, if any, of this mystery once and for all. For that we all owe Trevor a great debt of thanks for his tireless efforts.

I note also that Sky News have picked up the story, with the newspaper review this morning highlighting the article. I personally hope that this is splashed over every newspaper in the world from now until the time when the results of the appeal become known.

best wishes

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