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drstrange169 08-27-2014 07:02 PM

Mavericks O/S problems?
I just upgraded my Mac to the latest o/s, Mavericks, and now I can't access Casebook (I'm posting this from my PC at work).

Has anyone else had this problem?

SirJohnFalstaff 09-10-2014 07:59 PM

Apart from the "unable to access server" that I got occasionally since the recent story, no.

I use 10.9.4, browsing with Safari.

Ron Beckett 11-11-2014 05:14 AM

I am having all sorts of problems accessing the casebook? I thought it was just Firefox and me, as I have been off casebook for ages.

Plus that (This) was my third attempt to post!

Ausgirl 11-22-2014 03:17 PM

I haven't upgraded anything and I'm getting 'server cannot be found' a LOT. That'll happen for a few mins, then suddenly I have access. Then it happens again. I am, ofc, in Aus and I use Firefox on Windows XP.

Ausgirl 11-22-2014 03:24 PM

Ah! I see there's server problems.

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