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Admin 03-04-2009 11:27 PM

Chat Room Rules
Chatroom conversations are, for the most part, considered private conversation between the participants. As such, most of the rules of the boards do not apply. We do not feel the need to monitor or censor what occurs in the chatroom and most regular chatroom participants have ways of dealing with nuisances. However, recently there have been complaints of certain posters exhibiting very off-putting behavior that can reasonably be determined to exceed the bounds of what is acceptable even in private settings. If the behavior is such that it could reasonably be considered frightening or off-putting to new members who might wander in; or if the chief aim of the poster seems to be to disrupt the chat of the other participants, then members should know that this behavior can also have consequences.

Members can be banned from the chatroom, or they can be banned from the boards entirely, depending upon the severity of the behavior. If you are in the chatroom, and there is a poster that you believe is exceeding acceptable standards of behavior, please alert us in the following manner:

On the toolbar there are several features; one of these is a Save button. If you press the Save button, a new window will open and will preserve any text that has been entered up to that point. Only text that has already been entered will be preserved. Text that is entered after you have hit save will not be preserved. Please copy and paste the text into either a private email (admin @ or PM the Admin with the copy of the text.

Please do not do this for minor irritants or people you just don’t like. Those who use the chatroom are generally able to distinguish between normal “free for all” discussion and behaviors that exceeds the bounds.

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