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Help with Swedish Genealogy: Mad Trapper Mystery

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    A new suspect has turned up, or re-emerged, to be exact. He was found through a genealogical source online, just like Mary Jane Wilson. He profiles well and his picture around age 12 shows matching facial structures to the death photo of the Trapper, aged around 35.

    The suspect had sons and at least one grandson so there's opportunity for a DNA test to satisfy the lab that's handling his DNA and specifically wants a direct paternal line of descent for comparison. You might hear about it in the new year.


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      Originally posted by Trapperologist View Post's fairly certain that the Mad Trapper and Arthur Nelson were the same person anyway since the money found on the Mad Trapper was traced to a bank that received the money about six months before Arthur Nelson withdrew cash from it. It was the Bank of Montreal in Mayo, BC.
      Mayo is in the Yukon.

      Click image for larger version

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        If anyone is interested in discovering the identity of this new suspect, he’s can be found in on a genealogical source readily available on Google.

        I’ll give you one clue: Like I believe with MJK, he only lied about one thing — either his name or his origin, not both — so the identity of the Mad Trapper is either Arthur Nelson/Albert Johnson from anywhere or he’s Mr X, a Scandinavian from North Dakota.


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          I can see the cranium and the cheekbones which do not change are the same. Looks like the same person. If that’s him in the avatar, he has what I call the Viking Tuft. The kid might have the beginning of one. Looks like the dead guy had it.