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  • Raymond Morris

    Morris was convicted of the murder of 7 year old Christine Darby in 1968 but is also suspected of murdering two little girls several years earlier. He is sometimes referred to as the 'Cannock Chase Killer.'

    Morris must now be in his late 70s. Does anyone know if he is still alive? If so, after Harry Roberts, he must be one of Britain's longest serving prisoners. I know Ian Brady has been locked up for longer, but I think he is techincally a 'patient' as he is confined to a hospital for the ciminally insane.

    The Morris case did not seem to get as much coverage as Brady and Hindley and very little has been written about the case.

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    Brady poured boiling water over Morris while in prison, did you know!

    I think he's still alive - he's on my list of over 70 serial killers from the UK.


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      I believe he was due for release a couple of years ago. Or due up for parole again. He may still get lynched if he sets foot in Walsall again, though. Quite a few people there still remember him.

      This was all before I was born, but I'd still hear about how Morris grew up across the road from where my Dad grew up - Morris being a couple of years older than my Dad. And a friend's cousin, who nearly got a lift home from school with Morris one day when her Dad was late picking her up - she knew him because he worked with her Dad. And my uncle being stopped because he happened to own a car similar to the one believed to be owned by Morris (he sold it soon after).
      Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence. The third time, it's enemy action.


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        It takes a very long time for people to forget a criminal such as Morris. In the locality of the murders, the victims and those guilty are remembered for generations.

        I hope he never gets parole.


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          He won't ever get parole. Ever.