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    HK Cops Hunt 'Copycat Prostitute Killer'
    Updated:10:47, Wednesday March 19, 2008

    Police in Hong Kong are searching for a suspected copycat killer after the murders of four prostitutes in the past week, according to reports.
    The sex workers, aged 27 to 35, were killed in the city within the space of three days.

    Unemployed Nadeem Razaq, 24, from Pakistan, has been charged with three of the murders.

    However, local media reports say he has not been charged over the fourth killing, as he was not in the city at the time of the death.

    Detectives now fear a copycat killer may be on the loose.

    Police spokesman Fai Chau said investigations were continuing and no other arrests had yet been made.

    Other local reports said police were interviewing many of the city's sex workers.

    The bodies of the murdered prostitutes were found in apartments in the suburban New Territories and in a residential district on Hong Kong island on Saturday and Monday.

    Hong Kong law prohibits brothels, but allows prostitution by one woman in one location, such as her flat.

    Sex worker organisations have lobbied to change the law to allow at least two women to work together for safety.

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    Hong Kong police suspect link in prostitute murders

    Four women who worked as prostitutes have been killed in Hong Kong over three days in crimes that may be linked, police said today.

    The bodies of the four women, aged 27 - 35, were found in apartments in the suburban New Territories and in a residential district on Hong Kong island on Saturday and today, police said.

    One woman was strangled with a shower hose and the apartment she was found in had been burgled, police said.

    Another woman was found with a swollen forehead and injured jaw. The other two women did not have obvious external wounds but were apparently robbed.

    Police spokeswoman Odelia Tam said no arrests had been made and that it was unclear whether the same person or persons might have been involved in all the deaths.

    But an official investigating the deaths, speaking before news of the fourth murder broke, said police were considering the possibility that one person or several committed all the killings.

    "These three crimes are very similar, having been committed within a short period," said officer Steve Li.

    He said the motive was unclear because the crimes involved both killing and robbery.

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      ...are they sure it's not the "work" of ...

      ...Elliott Spitzer??

      "Don't make me get my flying monkeys!"