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    If you go into the chatroom and there is one other person there and they don't say anything to you, you might be dealing with a chatroom ghost. That's the posters we killed and buried in the chatroom. Kidding. The chatroom often retains an "image" of the last person that was there, so it looks like someone is there, when they really aren't. So people aren't being rude, they just aren't there. Just thought I'd let people know, because we are getting some newbies into the room, who might not know, and might think they are being ignored. This is only valid if there's only one person in the room when you enter. If there's multiple people in and they don't say hi, they are totally ignoring you.

    Rude, that's what they are.

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    That explains the chat room, but it doesn't explain my luck with women.


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      Call ghost busters!
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        If you log in and see just one name, immediately log out then log right back in. A chat room ghost will have vanished. Someone actually still in the room will remain listed.