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British PM Cameron Mocked for Eating Hot Dog with Fork and Knife

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    I don't think I have ever in my life seen tinned hotdogs for sale in the States, apart from Vienna Sausages (tiny, oddly-spiced hotdogs served as party snacks). The mass market ones that I'm familiar with come in plastic sleeves, eight or ten to a pack.
    - Ginger


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      Ah-ha, Mr Brand, we agree on something! Yes, you're dead right - we Brits have never really learned the esteemed art of making pizzas. Now then - this will probably surprise you, but the best pizzas I have ever eaten were in France! Yes, the country that sneers on Italian cuisine as being food for peasants! But the Frogs have realised that there are many thousands of tourists in their wonderful country who do rather like a pizza, and they have, with typical Gallic verve, risen to the occasion.

      It's like bacon - are those tasteless strips of striped coloured cardboard I remember seeing (and leaving) in American supermarkets really bacon? If so, I would hate on a dark night to encounter the animal from which they came. Why is it not possible to buy real bacon in the USA? When I grill bacon, I'm talking about rashers - not slices - at least 1/4" thick, with the rind still on, just a hint of fat under the rind. Not bits of cardboard that catch fire if you're not careful.

      Oh God - two rashers of unsmoked back bacon, grilled to perfection, between slices of crusty farmhouse bread, maybe with a carefully fried egg....heaven on earth.

      Here's a thing, talking about France. France is almost my second home, but in all the time I've spent there over the years, how is it I can never find a decent hen's egg? (or proper bacon). Their eggs are tiny - British eggs can be enormous in comparison, and much, much tastier. Two large British eggs boiled for 3 1/4 mins from the first rising bubbles.....deep yellow yolks....a little twist of sea-salt between each fantastic spoonful....toast made from farmhouse wholemeal spread with unsalted Welsh butter....more heaven on earth.


      PS: Ginger, re: tinned Frankfurters in the USA, I am going back nearly 40 years, so hopefully things have changed.
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        Originally posted by Steadmund Brand View Post
        Oh believe me, I do not mean to insult the city, I LOVED everything about it, in fact it is one of my, if not my favorite city in the world, my own city included, just that chippy cart hot dog was terrible... it was seriously the worst food I ever tried, so I love making fun of it....most of the food I have had in London is fine (well... I did try a thing that was called a "pizza" in the pub in my hotel once.....that was pretty bad and was nothing resembling a pizza. but not hot dog bad ).

        a hot dog bun is much better if it's toasted a bit... that helps.. but you are right, and hotdogs are much better grilled then boiled... but ok well

        funny... all this hot dog talk now I want one.... maybe I will for dinner.. and Graham, if you make it back to this side of the pond anytime soon and are near me.. I'll take you out for the best hot dogs in the world ( A local company makes them) but still.. nothing beats our chicken wings... we are world famous for fact most places name them after us here in Buffalo.. if anyone from the boards is ever going to be in the Buffalo NY area or Southern Ontario Canada area I'll take them out for the best Wings!!

        Steadmund Brand
        G'day Steadmund

        But did you try fish and chips and mushy peas.
        G U T

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