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Florida governor signs law so he can run for president

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    or Uisge


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      and one other thing:

      Here we have legislation to control or deny access to literature. They are literally using the full force of the law to stop "person A" from reading "book X" and imposing punishment for violating this new legislation.

      And this legislation comes from the same people who were up in arms about private enterprise made a business decision to stop printing SOME Dr. Zeuss books becasue the private enterprise thought it is not advantageous to continue doing so. We had for weeks Don Jr. Jordan Peterson, Josh Hawley and Sean Hannity accusing the private enterprise of being "socilaists" and "marxists" (hint: neither of them know what a socialist or marxist is) for "banning" (hint: suggesting it was a "ban" was a misrepresentation as well as projection devoid of any irony or shame whatsoever) thier beloved childhood books.