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Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery development

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  • Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery development

    Development of Brick Lane's Trueman Brewery site has been approved. Shock! Horror!

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    I used to take friends and family into Whitechapel to give them a sniff of the old London. my personal tour used to take them through Parliament Court, Artillery Passage and into Spitalfields Market. Recently, the redevelopment to The Gun meant that this had come off the itinerary and we went to the Ten Bells instead (if you find a table). The new block where the Fruit market was is a basically a ghost town and it seems the bars in the brewery will now go the same way. And Brick Lane is not the only place in London where you can get a proper curry. Looks like there will be few reasons left to go to the East very soon...

    Maybe they could film "28 years later" there...


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      I have an American cousin who was planning to come over later this year. This thread has reminded me that she hasn’t mentioned it for a while, so perhaps she’s changed her mind.

      I say cousin, the relationship is that her great grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. Two proper ‘Spitalfields terrors’ in the years before WW1. Both christened at Christchurch, they were living in George Yard Buildings between 1888 and 1890 when their father died. The 1891 census shows them and their widowed mother living in Angel Alley.

      I haven’t been to Spitalfields for about 18 months, but I imagine there’s still enough of interest there to show my cousin from sunny LA.

      What does White’s Row feel like now? In addition to the Ripper connections, it was once home to Jack Sheppard, the original Spitalfields terror. I’m also keen to see Gun Street again for its Alice McKenzie connections.


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        This was in the paper today.


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          Originally posted by Ms Diddles View Post
          Thanks for posting.