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JonBenet Ramsey Murder case

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  • JonBenet Ramsey Murder case

    JonBenet Ramsey was a Pagent beauty Queen that was killed in her own home, i am suspicious that the killer decided to kill her in her own home, because the Denver police would automatically blame the parents anyway, as part of the killer deflection from himself.

    Here's a piece for all of you to have a nosey at, the girl is dead but the case is still alive :

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    Hey Shelley,

    Wasn't the dodgy ransom note a dead giveaway that the mother had a part in her daughter's death?


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      Hi Harry

      I believe that some of the spelling mistakes or phrases were the same as what Patsy had previously used on other letters to family/friends.
      It was a very long note for a ransom demand, plus the fact that the amount asked for was the exact amount Jon got as a bonus from work.
      Also I believe it was similar to a pad found in the house (not 100% sure on this one) It does indeed seem strange.

      It's not about what you's about what you can find out


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        Harry, Jonbenet death was a motivation of jealousy , money and sexual motivation, new dna was turned up and it was a male semen, not an accident from factory handling where dna contaminates. So what would you try to be saying that Jonbenet's mother was jealous of her husbands ( Jonbenet's father ) work bonus, because that was mentioned in the so called ransom note. if you are interested in that case, take a good look at it. her death wasn't anything to do with the parents. The parents lost their daughter JonBenet.


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          probably because either someone knew the parents, or knew someone that knew the parents, but they were also very familiar with the house and layout of the house and grounds, some one jealous enough regarding the amount of money mentioned in the ransom note ~ a poorer workman maybe, a labourer familiar with the house. It rules out the parents as far as i can tell tji.


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            Hi Shelley

            Not sure how you can come to the conclusion it ruled out the parents when the fact that the killer knew the layout of the home and amount of bonus, if anything rule them in?
            It's not about what you's about what you can find out


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              Who wrote what ~ who wrote it?

              Who wrote the ransom note? It's almost as good as the one of who wrote the bible. Some even claimed that the writer was left handed, no one really knows that, not even so called experts, it's a matter of style in writing anyway.


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                Some argue that her brother, overcome by jealousy towards his little sister, was the murderer.


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                  Harry, can you take a look at her brothers age for a start, then tell me that he could have left a semen sample in his sisters underwear, that wasn't his anyway by a dna test, that he then would have that motivation to kill his own sister?

                  It wasn't the brother Harry.


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                    Some useful info on this site , if anyone wants a nosey at it :



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                      A stun gun was used in the JonBenet Ramsey case ~ who knows? Maybe not a Denver policeman after all, but maybe some on these boards shouldn't exactly rule it out altogether eh?

                      I have never heard of a UK Police officer tazering a kiddy! Just so you know, that know that as well.


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                        Trevor Marriott

                        Btw way you guys why was Trevor Marriott banned from this site? Just curious!


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                          Cop tazers 10 year old Girl For not going to bed

                          I Don't think he was the girls dad ( poor girl anyway ).



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                            Hi Shelley

                            Here is what I was commenting on -

                            . In lines #13 - 16, the writer states, "If we monitor you getting the money early, we might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence a earlier delivery pickup of your daughter." The word "hence" is a formal way of saying "therefore." The writer starts out the ransom note misspelling words giving the appearance he is uneducated. However, his educational level begins to show when he uses words such as "hence."

                            The word "hence" is not a very common word. When was the last time you used that word in a sentence? Chances are you have not used it this week. We should look to see if this word appears in any writings of John or Patsy Ramsey. Well, it does. On December 14, 1997, the First United Methodist Church in Boulder, Colorado held a memorial service for JonBenet. In the program, there was "A Christmas Message from the Ramsey Family." This message was also posted on the Ramsey family's web site. In the message, we find the statement, "Had there been no birth of Christ, there would be no hope of eternal life, and, hence, no hope of ever being with our loved ones again."

                            7. The word "hence" is a transition word. You do not have to use the word "and" with it. For example, "The arcade was closed, hence, I spent my money at the mall." Most people use the word "hence" and not the words "and hence." The writer of the ransom note used the phrase "and hence." In their Christmas Message, the Ramseys used this exact same phrase. "Had there been no birth of Christ, there would be no hope of eternal life, and, hence, no hope of ever being with our loved ones again."

                            The website
                            It's not about what you's about what you can find out